Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 20 Without Oil

Security: All over there are bombings of refineries, riots, militias, gangs stealing bikes and gas, criminals being released from prison, looting, and other forms of terrorism. A solution may be a possible war with the Middle East over the remaining stockpiles of oil. A war could force the world to adapt all out technologies.
Government: However, our government is nearly broke, and the value of currency is declining further War may mean some suspension of rights and nationalization of industries to get us back on our feet.

Schools: Schools will start in October so that less air-conditioning will be needed, and no school buses.
Food: There are few shipments to groceries, government buying up huge amounts so many are turning to local food and farmer's markets.
Shelter: Huge homes in red zones are too far from jobs and stores to walk, so many are moving to "green zones" which are new green communities built around farms.
Transportation: There are potholes in roads, because asphalt is made with oil and no long-distance trucking. Some solutions are steam barges that burn coal, and to nationalize all the railroads to electrify them for passengers and freight, and to recycle unneeded super-highways for repair of local roads.
Consumer Goods: There are shortages of everything, and very little electricity in most homes to charge gadgets, and no new oil-based plastics. People are fueling their generators with human power, cutting down on possessions, and requiring more sustainable manufacturing.
Power: There are very high prices for oil because there is very little left stored, so the government is enacting a blackout after dark to conserve power
Gas Price: $6.33/gallon

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