Friday, June 17, 2011

World Without Oil Week 21

Many people are riding on public mass transit systems daily but the price to commute is expensive
More people using bicycles as a way of transportation or just walking
Metro areas with good public transit are green zones, the opposite are red zones
To find fresh food local farmer’s markets are full of people
Fresh food like meat or fruit are scarce and expensive
Food markets have to contact local growers and organizations for food
Major supermarket chains in trouble because of shipping
Many have taken to home gardening
Subsidies for local farms
Many job layoffs
Most business closed down
Bartering systems being employed unofficially in small communities
Raids of homes
Looters of oil from cars, bikes, food
People increasing security around home
Carrying around weapons common
Red zones have worst transit systems  
Small communities are usually green zones
Job layoffs a source of violence
Gas Price: $6.38/gallon

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