Friday, June 17, 2011

World Without Oil Week 22

Issues for the week (community+personal):
Education and school systems in the area
Civil violence- Ann Arbor, Michigan has been greatly affected by rioting in the streets due to this crisis.
Economies in the local area- bloominghours
Very high unemployment rates in all areas
National solutions and local solutions:
Children are being home schooled as well as taken out of school to work and learn trades, like in the past, this is happening in the UK as well as parts of America and other areas
Areas are coming up with new local currencies to stimulate the local economies and transition off of the barter system. Such as BloomingHours- roughly translate to 10 dollars cash. This allows families and communities stay connected to each other.
National relief teams are being sent to certain areas to aid the people there.
Some towns are setting up solar panels and the like on buildings to have a supply of new renewable energy available.
Buildings all across the affected areas have been converted into new shelters for those who do not even have make-shift houses.
In Bloomington farmers are required to have a space in the farmer’s market so everyone can have access to food there.
Houses and buildings are now designed to be smaller so more can be built for those who do not have homes. 

Gas Price: $6.69/gallon

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